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Meridian proudly serves the towing industry as a Coast Guard Approved Subchapter M Third Party Organization (TPO).  
As a USCG TPO Meridian is Authorized to Perform the Following Services:
  • Audit Towing Safety Management Systems (TSMS)
  • Issue TSMS certificate to an owner or managing operator
  • Survey towing vessels to verify compliance with Subchapter M
  • Issue survey reports detailing the results of towing vessel surveys

If an owner or managing operator chooses either the TSMS or the Coast Guard option, Meridian can assist with ensuring Towing Vessel Subchapter M compliance.

Our auditors and surveyors have many years of experience in promoting safety of towing vessels.  They have successfully served in key regulatory and corporate positions, including:

  • Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection
  • Captain of the Port
  • Director, Global HSE Programs
  • Senior Marine Inspector
  • Senior Investigation Officer
  • ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Lead Internal Auditors
  • ISM Code Lead Internal Auditor
  • Marine Surveyor

By having resources located nearby towing vessel operations, we can quickly respond to requests for audits and surveys.  We are committed to work with our clients to develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique needs.

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