Meridian Global Consulting will provide an armed security team aboard your vessel while transiting High Risk Waters (HRW). In full compliance with ITAR, equipment will be loaded onto your vessel in a port that is outside of HRW. The Meridian personnel will meet the vessel at a time and place of the vessel’s choosing in order to transit High Risk Waters [HRW].

While onboard the Meridian Personnel will ensure that the ship is secure and in compliance with Best Management Practices 4. Our personnel have been trained in implementing BMP4 and will work towards ensuring that BMP4 is properly implemented, allowing the crew to continue with their jobs. Meridian personnel advise the master of areas of High Risk and recent pirate activity. In addition, our personnel are available for anti-piracy crew training and will conduct crew drills prior to transiting HRW. Once onboard, our team provides 24-hour security, keeping crew costs low and unburdened with additional watch.

When Meridian personnel are no longer needed, they will disembark at a port of the vessel’s choosing in order to keep your costs low. We will work with the shipping company to determine what works best with you. If you prefer to save money and leave the weapons stored in a level IV safe onboard the vessel, we are glad to obtain the license to do so. Otherwise, we will disembark with weapons.

Meridian Global Consulting is comprised of former Marines with shipboard security and vetted combat experience. Ship security is a learned skill set that has been ingrained into our former Marines.

All EST members have been trained in:

ITAR Compliance
Use of Force & Rules of Engagement
Training Certification for All Weapons Carried
Incident Documentation
Evidence Collection & Preservation
Non-Lethal Force
Operational Risk Management
Ship Security Plan Policy Review
Anti-Piracy Best Management Practices
Crew Briefing & Drills

While we could go into a great deal more of information on our website, much of that information is proprietary in nature. Please feel free to contact us about specific inquiries and quotes.