Corporate Security offers comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions for your corporate security needs.  These services include:

Fixed Site Security

Meridian’s Multi-Skilled Operators offer a cost-effective, superior service for a client’s safety and security needs.  Our Multi-Skilled Operators, in addition to basic security, receive training in areas such as First Aid/CPR, EMT, basic firefighting, active shooter response, threat de-escalation, incident management, and more.

K9 & Narcotic Detection

Meridian’s K9 & Narcotic Detection service assists Clients with ensuring their site or facility remains contraband and narcotic free.  Meridian’s K9 handlers are composed of off-duty or former law enforcement with years of K9 Handler experience.  The frequency of operations will be dictated by the Client; however random searches will increase the detection of narcotics and other contraband materials.  When on site the Client will escort the K9 team and observe all activities, in the event contraband is found the evidence will be collected, inventoried, sealed, and signed over to the Client.

Direct Asset Response Teams

Meridian’s Direct Asset Response Teams provide the requesting client with a highly-trained, disciplined, self-sustaining, multi-faceted, and dedicated unit of private security specialists available on short notice for security, medical and or recovery services. Upon request, the DART can be rapidly deployed to provide services for a variety of situations including but not limited to Site Security, Heightened Security Risks, Personal Security Details, Natural Disaster and Asset Recovery Operations.

Executive Protection

Meridian’s Executive Protection service provides Clients with a peace of mind when traveling or attending events.  The Client’s safety is paramount in an executive protection detail. Meridian will conduct intelligence analyses of the areas to be visited, create a detailed itinerary to ensure all hazards are mitigated, provide the client with seasoned and professional executive protection specialists.

Firearms Training

Meridian offers NRA approved trainers that offer: basic pistol marksmanship, advanced pistol marksmanship, basic rifle marksmanship, advanced rifle marksmanship, and concealed carry courses.  Meridian also offers active shooter response courses that can be tailored for office buildings, churches, residential areas, offshore rigs, maritime vessels and more. Meridian’s instructor cadre is comprised of former military service members and law enforcement. Some of Meridian’s more advanced courses are Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), Precision Marksman, and dynamic shooting courses. This training can be conducted at Meridian’s training facility in Louisiana, or our instructors can travel to deliver these services.

Protest Management

Meridian’s Protest Management assists the Client with safely continuing operations during either peaceful or non-peaceful protests.  Protest Management consists of creating policies, protocols, and documentation to ensure the continuity of operations in a legal and ethical way without infringing on the rights of the protesters. Meridian’s protest policies are developed to ensure the safety of Client employees and safeguard Client assets.

Threat Assessment

Meridian offers threat assessments and intelligence briefs for Clients that are traveling abroad, attending events, considering starting operations in a new area, etc. Meridian’s intelligence briefs include a breakdown of the area populous, crime stats, terrorist activity, known trouble areas, local laws, major transit routes, traffic reports, and more.  Meridian’s intelligence center also offers 24-hour intelligence reporting, with dedicated intelligence analysts.

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