Meridian is Now an Approved USCG Subchapter M TPO Services Provider

February 2, 2018 – The U.S. Coast Guard has approved Meridian to conduct independent verifications of towing vessels or their Towing Safety Management Systems (TSMSs) comply with applicable requirements contained in Title 46 Subchapter M. Meridian is authorized to:
  • Conduct audits of a TSMS, and the vessels to which the TSMS applies, to verify compliance with the applicable provisions of Subchapter M;
  •  Issue TSMS certificates to the owner or managing operator who complies with 46 CFR Part 138;
  • Conduct surveys of towing vessels to verify compliance with the applicable provisions of 46 CFR Subchapter M; and
  •  Issue survey reports detailing the results of surveys, carried out in compliance with 46 CFR Part 137.
For more information on Meridian Third Party Organization services, please contact Captain Hung Nguyen at (808) 282-4981

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