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Jonathan served as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. On his first deployment to Iraq, he commanded 3D Platoon (reinforced) Lima Company, 3D Battalion 2D Marines. Jonathan was charged with quelling the insurgency on the outskirts of Fallujah, Iraq and received personal combat decorations. On his second deployment to Iraq, Jonathan was the Executive Officer of Weapons Company 3D Battalion 2D Marines as well as 1ST Mobile Assault Platoon Commander. During this deployment, he maintained Battle Position Da’Nang in the Al Anbar Province near the Syrian border. His company was co-located with an Iraqi Army infantry company in which he was charged with training and conducting joint operations.

Upon completing his second tour in Iraq, Jonathan earned his law degree from the University of Alabama Law School and passed the Alabama Bar. In response to the attack on the Maersk Alabama in 2009, Jonathan, with his fellow Marines, sought a cost-effective solution to combating piracy. In 2009, Jonathan formed Meridian.US and began positioning embarked security teams on U.S. flagged vessels.

Jason Wilbur


Jason served with Meridian as a maritime security team leader since 2012 until transitioning into a senior management position. Before joining Meridian full time, Jason successfully operated his own safety & security company as well as a firearms training academy.

Jason served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry from 2005-2009 with Weapons Company, 3D Battalion 2D Marines. During Jason’s first deployment to Iraq, he served as the Fire Direction Center (FDC) Chief for the Battalion’s 81mm Mortar Platoon as well as a turret gunner in a Mobile Assault Platoon. He also participated in mounted and dismounted patrols conducting cordon-knocks, searches, raids and gathering intelligence. Jason deployed to a Iraq a second time as a section leader for a mobile assault platoon, leading over 100 combat mobile patrols on top the numerous personal security details and quick-reaction missions.



Josh served with Meridian as a maritime security team leader since 2013 until becoming Meridian’s Maritime Security Manager. Josh has since transitioned into a senior management position as Director of Operations with oversight on all Meridian operations both foreign and domestic.

Josh served In the United States Marine Corps Infantry from 2003–2013, deploying on three combat deployments with Lima Company, 3D Battalion 2D Marines. Josh then went on to a Special Duty Assignment at the School of Infantry East (SOI East), where he filled the billet of a Marine Corps Combat Instructor, Master Platform Instructor of Infantry Tactics and Battalion Curriculum Developer. After his time at SOI East, Josh deployed with 2D battalion 2D Marines on the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) as an Infantry Platoon sergeant. While deployed on the 22nd MEU, Josh was the assistant TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft Personnel) Leader for all NATO TRAP missions in the Mediterranean and Libya during NATO Operation Unified Protector in 2011. Josh honorably finished his time with the United States Marine Corps, while earning numerous personal and combat decorations, before transitioning to Meridian.

Zac Schlarb


Zac Schlarb has served with Meridian as a Maritime Security Team Leader since 2013 before transitioning into his current position as the Manager of Regulatory Security.

Before Meridian he served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry from 2003-2007, deploying on three combat deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq with Lima Company, #D Battalion, 2D Marines. During his third combat deployment, which was in Iraq, Schlarb served as a team leader, patrol leader, and assistant squad leader. Upon returning from his final combat deployment, he went on to a Special Duty Assignment as an instructor/controller at the Tactical Training Exercise Control Group at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California. After being honorably discharged in 2007, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in 2011.  On completion of his degree, he gained a tremendous amount of security experience conducting high threat executive protection operations in Baghdad, Iraq.  In 2015, Schlarb graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security.