It is important that employees are treated fairly and receive prompt responses to problems and concerns. For this reason, Meridian Global Consulting provides a grievance procedure to promote prompt and responsible resolution of issues raised by staff. This procedure may be used freely without fear of retaliation, and the Manager of Human Resources is available to assist throughout the procedure. The process outlined below should be used if an individual disagrees with a supervisor’s action including any disciplinary action. If the problem involves Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment and/or Discrimination, reference to those policies should be made to initiate a complaint. When unsure which policy applies, contact should be made with a Human Resources HR Consultant.

Step One:

Discuss Complaint with Immediate Supervisor.

Meridian Global Consulting encourages informal resolution of complaints. Employees should first discuss the complaint with their immediate supervisor within three (3) business days of the situation whenever possible. If the complaint is not resolved as a result of this discussion, or such a discussion is not appropriate under the circumstances, proceed to Step Two. If the action in dispute involves suspension or termination of employment, Steps One and Two should be bypassed.

Note: If the immediate supervisor is an officer of the company, Step Two, should be bypassed and the complaint submitted directly to the President who will then schedule a meeting for employee.

Step Two:

Prepare and Submit Complaint Procedure Form to a HR Consultant for Review by the company Operations Manager.

If the employee feels the complaint was not resolved in discussions with his/her immediate supervisor, they may prepare and submit a formal written complaint for review by the person to whom the employee’s immediate supervisor reports (“second-level supervisor”). To do so, the employee should prepare a Complaint Procedure Form and submit it to a Human Resources HR Consultant within seven (7) business days of the Step One discussion with the immediate supervisor (or within seven (7) days of the event being grieved if Step One is bypassed). The Consultant will then review the complaint, send a copy to the second-level supervisor and the immediate supervisor (if appropriate), and schedule a meeting for the employee, the second-level supervisor, and the Consultant to discuss the complaint. The meeting will ordinarily be held within five (5) business days of the Consultant’s receipt of the Complaint Procedure Form. The second-level supervisor will issue a written decision, generally within five (5) business days of the meeting. If the complaint is not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, they may proceed to Step Three.

Step Three:

Submit Complaint Procedure Form to HR Consultant for Review by the company President.

If the employee is not satisfied with the Step Two decision, they may proceed with the complaint within five (5) business days of receipt of the Step Two decision by submitting it to the HR Consultant for review by the company President. A meeting between the employee, the Operations Manager and the President will generally be held within five (5) business days. The company President will issue a written decision, generally within five (5) business days of the meeting.

General Information

The time limits above are subject to modification on a case-by-case basis due to operational requirements, travel away from home office, in-depth investigations, etc. The company President shall have final authority to resolve any disputes regarding the implementation of this Complaint Procedure, including determination of the appropriate decision makers.