Procedures welcomes the information and feedback from clients, which will enable Meridian to improve the quality of service provided. Meridian recognizes the value in complaints and will accept the complaint openly. The complaint is seen as an opportunity to review and evaluate the service we deliver.


• Complaints will be made in person, over the phone, by email or in writing determined by the client (anonymous complaints will not be accepted).
• The staff member who receives the complaint will immediately notify the Department Manager.
• The complaint will be logged, as well as the action taken.
• All complaints will be treated seriously but will be dealt with at the lowest operational level, ensuring to resolve the issue promptly.
• The staff member will advise the client of the complaint process, providing a written copy of the procedure and a flow chart.
• The client will then submit a written notification addressed
to the Department Manager or Client Manager.
•We will attempt to resolve the issue within 14 days.
•If the issue is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, the client can raise the issue with the Client Manager.
• The Client Manager will further investigate and prepare a response to the complaint and a report for the President of Meridian within 28 days of receipt.